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Weekly Newsletter: February 22nd - 26th

Hello HSC! Please take a moment to read our weekly newsletter in its entirety as it is our main form of communication to HSC families.

We are on Block 4, Week A!

If you are Hybrid A, we will see you in-person this week!

If you are Hybrid B or remote only, be sure to submit your attendance (found HERE) by 10 am on your enrolled HSC day!

Completing the attendance form is required, independent of Zoom class participation. The attendance form must be completed on your enrolled HSC day by 10am, so that the timestamp is correct. Late attendance will not be accepted, and students will receive an absence for the day. If you have questions about attendance, please email Ms. Christina If you have a planned absence, need to pick up early, or are arriving late, please email that information to You can also call 720.289.9230 with attendance information. Thank you!


If you haven’t already please remember to fill out the Are You Returning Form this week.

We want to hear your feedback! Please take a moment to complete our Parent Survey to better help guide our decisions for next year.


Hey, HSC artists! Ms. Asha is asking for your expertise in designing the cover for our HSC End-Of-Year Magazine. All students (Remote, Kindy, Hybrid) are welcome to submit their entry. For more information please email Ms. Asha at


We are doing a SECOND Talent show for our Spring Semester! We love celebrating our students' talents as often as we can, so make sure to sign up so we can see your amazing talent! Click HERE for more info and to sign-up!


HSC students now have access to BrainPOP Jr!



Password: letmeinHSC1

Have fun exploring!


Virtual Escape Room and Music are officially back! You should have received an email this past Friday, February 19th with details about both classes starting next week.

You can find all the teacher's PMI’s and emails HERE, along with what classes they teach. This information along with staff bio’s can be found on our HSC Student’s Page (Password: WWAhsc20).


What has hands and a face, but can’t hold anything or smile?

Answer this riddle correctly for a prize box ticket!

Send your response to Ms. Christina

*Be sure to include your first and last name, whether you are Hybrid A, Hybrid B, or Remote Only, and your HSC day of the week!*

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