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Spring 2023 Classroom Links

Spring 2023 Class Descriptions


Hello! I am Julia Rosenstein.  I have a Bachelor’s of Science from Colorado Christian University.  I have been part of the Woodrow family for 11years, as a spouse. My husband of 27 years, teaches 5th grade at Woodrow Wilson Academy. This is my second year of teaching science here at HSC. Science is a passion of mine, and I love being able to share my passion with the students.


I grew up in California and moved to the deep south in 2003. I lived in a small town, Pass Christian, MS until August 29, 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit my house. We weren’t sure where to go and decided to move our 3 kids, dogs, and cats to Erie CO.


Having grown up a very shy student, I was always too embarrassed to ask questions to teachers.  That means I struggled all through school, until I was paying for college, and decided my questions needed to be answered. This made me realize there were many students just like me!   It is my philosophy to be approachable.


In science, we explore many different topics such as chemistry, anatomy, physics, inventions, weather, space, and of course dinosaurs. We have as many hands-on activities as possible so that each student has the same opportunity to have a passion for science like I do.


I look forward to having another fantastic year!

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