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Student Schedules & Class Changes

Student schedules are now available to view online. You can now view your student's schedule online by following the directions when you click HERE.

Sadly, there were a few classes that we had to put on hold due to low interest. However, to compromise, some of the concepts covered will be added to the classes we've kept. If you have any questions, please email Ms. Chelsea (

Our Class Change Request form is now available. Class changes will be open from Friday, August 13th to Friday, September 10th. Class Changes are on a first come first serve basis. Wait-lists will no longer be automatically generated from the class selection form. If you would like to change a class in your student's schedule, please fill out a Class Change Request Form. This is the only way we will accept a class change request. Please allow up to one week for a request to be processed.

Here is our Class Availability for each day:

Please note that as class changes are happening and new students are enrolling in the program these numbers will fluctuate and may not always be current. We will update these sheets as often as we can!

For any questions regarding student schedules or class changes please email

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