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S21 Open House

Below is the information about our final Block together this year. Also, hopefully the last time I will ever have to use the term "Block" to explain anything biweekly at HSC!

Shortened Schedule - Our Open House is always accompanied by a shortened schedule and early dismissal. You can view the times for each day and location HERE. Please note that both In-Person and ZOOM Classes will follow a shortened schedule the last two weeks of school. Times will also be posted on our HSC Events calendar that you can access on our HSC Student Page (password: WWAhsc20) for easy reference.

Open House Videos - The majority of our performance classes were offered virtually this year. In lieu of our traditional Open House performances, we have created Open House videos that showcase our wonderful students throughout the year. These videos feature performances from Drama, Martial Arts, Piano, Ukulele, Dance, and ASL! These will be sent directly to your email and available on our Student's Page at the beginning of Block 9. We will also be watching them each day with students during lunch and our Graduation event to celebrate this year together!

Field Day - HSC is excited to host its first Field Day!

  • Students will rotate through five stations on their last In-Person day:

    • Signing Station - This is where students can get their yearbooks signed! Didn't order a yearbook yet? No problem, click HERE and fill out the form, then bring in your payment on your next HSC day. For students who do not want to purchase a yearbook, we will provide a free alternative.

    • Fill the Bucket - Weather permitting, we will host this water-centric activity outside. If we must move this activity inside we will switch to bowling as an alternative (and dry) activity.

    • Prize Box & Otter Pops - Have tickets to use up? Here's your final chance! Each student will also get an Otter-Pop at this station. These are 100% fruit juice otter pops; they contain No Colors, No Artificial Flavors, and No High Fructose Corn Syrup. Click HERE to see exactly what was ordered. If you would like to arrange for an alternative snack or have a question about this station please email

    • Marble Relay - This is a classic field day activity with spoons, marbles, and fast feet!

    • Kick-baseball - A good ole' game of baseball, but with no bats!

  • All staff and students, including Kindergarten will participate in our Field Day activities! This is one way that helps our kindergarten students get to know some of the teachers and students that they might have or be in classes with in the future. Next year, hopefully we will also be able to do KG Buddy day again!

Graduation Ceremony - Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to offer an in-person event this year, but HSC wants to continue its long standing tradition of honoring our Kindergarten and 6th grade graduates.

  • Kindergarten Graduation:

    • Week A: Bell Performance

    • Week B: Graduation ceremony

  • 6th Grade Graduation:

    • All 6th Grade Students will participate in the graduation ceremony on their normal HSC day. (If you're wondering if your student is a 6th grade graduate this year, please don't hesitate to ask!)

  • Both 6th grade and Kindergarten students will receive a graduation certificate and cap to take home.

  • We will record the entire ceremony and send the videos out via email after the conclusion of Block 9.

Last Day of 20-21 School Year/Graduation Photo Booth - Our Graduation Photo Booth is back! Stop by on your way out of dismissal to commemorate your student's last day of this year at HSC. We will have a back drop for you to take a photo of your student or feel free to decorate your car to pull up for a memorable photo!

If you are unable to attend on your last HSC day, please email as soon as possible so that we can arrange to give any end of year items to your student before summer!

This year has truly been an adventure, but I must say that I have seen a lot of wonderful things come out of the struggles we have faced in our magical HSC community! I am amazed by the growth I've seen in the staff and students during such a troubling year. I can't thank our families enough for the support, kindness, and encouragement that you all have shown. Thank you for helping me lift up the teachers and admin staff this year. Whoop, whoop, GOOOO TEAM!!

If you have any questions about this or anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Open House Schedule - Families - Sheet1
Download • 46KB

Sincerely (and with a virtual hug),

Ms Chelsea


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