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Rezi is HERE!

Hey HSC Families,

Below is a an exciting announcement from one of our very own HSC Families. We are both proud and happy to share Rezi, a new app that is geared towards helping kids express their emotions. Please read below to find out more! :)

Exciting news! Rezi is finally here!

As many of you know, The Persidis family of HSC has created a new app called Rezi. “Rezi” is short for resilience. It was created to help people of all ages get comfortable with and have fun learning more about their emotions.

Rezi has lots of features that make it special. Some highlights are -

Rezi lives on a mobile device and is a digital character you help create! Rezi uses animation, sounds and music to show how it's feeling, not words. This is important since it can be hard sometimes to put our emotions into words.

You can use Rezi just for fun or to reflect your daily feelings and save them in your animated journal.

For families that have a hard time discussing emotions, Rezi is a great ice-breaker.

A healthy, bully-proof alternative to standard social media. No social media sharing, trolls or hate!

Includes inspirational and educational videos that are fun to watch! No coffee runs or nasty reviews. Just good, quality content.

Rezi was built with the help of kids, teens, parents and teachers from around the world. Even some of the teachers and kids of HSC contributed!

And best of all, it is free to everyone.

Please email Rhonda & Aris Persidis if you have any questions.

The links are below. Please check it out and if you like it, give it some stars and a quick review. It will help get the good word out to our HSC community and beyond.

Thanks for your support!

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